Community Seva Inc.’s mission is to feed the hungry and serve the homeless

Our History

Community Seva Inc., is a registered 501 (c) (3) organization, founded and incorporated on June 6, 2013 in California.  We are an official certifying organization for the U.S President’s Volunteer Services Awards Program.

What does Community Seva mean?

Quite literally, the word Seva means “service”. Selfless service, or Seva (a Sanskrit word), is a service which is performed with no expectation of any kind of return. We are NOT a religious or faith based organization. We serve because we care. Our goal is to serve the community around us and to serve the homeless, while feeding the hungry in the Bay Area. In addition, we aim to empower children, the future citizens of our world to learn empathy and participate by making a difference that they can see.

What do we do?

Our organization has been carrying out our mission of cooking & serving meals, distribution of blankets during winter and distribution of Hygiene kits to homeless for nearly five years and has resulted in over 52,000 meals.

We are dedicated, like minded volunteers, who donate our free time to offer our skills, knowledge, and abilities and work as a team to provide assistance and support to the homeless. Our strong and capable team of 1500 + volunteers comes with an incredible array of talents – cooking skills, counseling experience, nutrition experience and much more. In addition to our adult volunteers we have a large group of children who regularly participate in our sevas by cooking and packing care bags and winter kits for the homeless.

All our lead and co-lead volunteers are certified in food handling and have cleared TB tests.

  • Hot Breakfast for the homeless

  • Hot Lunch & Dinners

  • Care Bags (Hygiene Kits)

  • Thanksgiving Drive

  • Winter Blanket/Sleeping Bag Drive


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