3rd Grade Anti-Hunger Club at Clark School

Twenty 3rd graders created an anti-Hunger Club in the year 2015-2016 and raised $300 to do their part in carrying out their mission of feeding 200 hungry belly by preparing ” Brown Bags” with nutritious items, juice and a fruit and later those bags were delivered to a homeless shelter.

For every Child’s success, definitely both Teacher and Parents play a vital role. This community service activity was a perfect example how the teacher and parents supported and executed these wonderful students idea of forming this club and feeding the hungry.

Our sincere thanks to Carolyn Clark Elementary School 3rd grade teacher Ms Margaret Shin Hoang for putting her heart and soul in to this event and carrying out successfully.

Thanks to all our Youth volunteers and adult volunteers who were part of this Seva.

If you or your school would like to carry out such activity, please sign up here

The children made THANK YOU cards for us after our presentation at school. Their heartfelt comments and beautiful artwork is commendable!

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