Successful Thanksgiving Drive!

Mission Accomplished – The massive ” feeding” effort of  500+ dinners served by Community Seva !!!!

YES ! For the first time, in one day at 5 different locations, 40+ like minded, kind-hearted volunteers (plus a few children) gathered to cook and serve nutritious Thanksgiving meal to 500+ homeless individuals in the South Bay Community.)

We served: Rice with peas & carrot, Ham with cranberry sauce, Grilled veggies, Corn bread , Minestrone soup and Pumpkin pie.

Seva started few minutes apart at 5 different shelters, but the TASTE remained same everywhere. That’s the beauty of our volunteers.. as they always cook the food with LOVE.

We had bit of challenges in few shelters which were beyond our control, but our veteran volunteers faced these challenges with “SMILE” and served the meal with another great “SMILE”.

This would not have been possible without the sponsors, volunteers and the core team members who were involved in planning, shopping and execution. Hats off to every one of the volunteers who were part of this mission.

What a way to celebrate to give back their Thanks. Thank you ! Thank you !! Thank you !!!

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